Dancer Contestant Registration, Rules & Guidelines

1.  The contest judging will be on the point system and points will begin on Friday, July 11th, 2008 at the 6:00pm Grand Entry. No Exceptions.

2.  All dancing contest participants entering the dancing contest are required to register.

3.  To be fair to all contestants, we ask all dancers to register in the appropriate age for their dance category.

4.  All contestants can only register in one (1) category sponsored by the Powwow Committee, with exception of specials.

5.  The dance competition will be on a point system. Contestants must be in full regalia during every Grand Entry, Contest competition, Exhibition and Spot Checks. (There will be Spot Checks at anytime by request from the Arena Director.)

6.  Dancing contest participants are required to participate in all Grand Entries.

7.  No points will be granted if contestants are not in the Grand Entry lineup.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

8.  Dancers must be in full dress and ready to go 15 minutes before Grand Entry for every session. Also all contestants must be ready prior to contesting and tie breakers.  No category is excused unless announced by the Arena Director.

9.  Dancers must, at all times, keep in time with the drum beat.  Bells must be worn.

10.  If any part of the contestant’s regalia falls or drops during the official dance contest, he/she will disqualify himself/herself voluntarily or risk being involuntarily disqualified by the Powwow Committee; or he/she will be disqualified and will forfeit the points for that session. (Dyed hackles or dyed plumes are excluded)

11.  Upon completion of the song and last beat of the drum, both feet must be on the ground.  The body can be in any position.

12.  Trick songs can be used, except in the finals.

13.  No dancer shall dance under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  This will be considered an automatic disqualification for the entire powwow and asked to promptly leave the grounds or be escorted off the grounds.  A.I.C.U. Powwow has a “Zero Tolerance” drug and alcohol policy and any dancer who violates this policy will be escorted off the grounds and will forfeit any prizes they may have won.

14.  Numbers must be worn and displayed on the left side where judges and tabulators can see it. Contestants are responsible for their own numbers; however, if a number should be lost or damaged, the contestant should report to the Contesting Committee for a replacement.

15.  No choice of Drum for contest.

16.  In case of a tie, dancers will dance to the Arena Director/Head Judge’s choice of drum.

17.  The Head Judge will assign all Judges.  Any complaints should be directed to the Arena Director or Head Judge.  The Head Judge’s decision is final.  The Arena Director/Head Judge may choose a third song, if needed.

18.  The rules for judging the contest require that No family member (through blood, marriage, or adoption) shall judge a contest in which a relative is competing. Dancers will be disqualified if it is discovered that a relative is a judge.

19.  All photographs taken by the A.I.C.U. Powwow Committee will be used for promotional purposes only.

20.  Winners in all Categories (including Specials) and at least one member of all winning drums must have a Social Security card or they cannot receive winnings on site. Bring your Social Security Card to the Powwow. Or Else. Or Else What? Exactly.

Dancer Registration

You are required to fill in all spaces before you are issued a number.

#________           Name: _____________________________________________              Age__________

                             Address: ___________________________________________


                             Phone Number: ________________________            Social Security #___________________

                             * Signature: ____________________________________             ** Check Here ____


You are required to fill in all spaces before you are issued a number.

#________           Name: _____________________________________________              Age__________

                             Address: ___________________________________________


                             Phone Number: ________________________            Social Security #___________________

* Signature: ____________________________________            

**Check Here ____

* By signing this registration form, I understand that this is an alcohol and drug free event and that a “Zero Tolerance” standard will apply. If I am found to be in violation of this alcohol and drug policy on the A.I.C.U. Powoww grounds, I will immediately be escorted off the grounds and not be allowed to return. Furthermore, I understand that I will not receive any awards for the contests if I violate the alcohol and drug policy.

** I hereby give consent for A.I.C.U. Powwow, LLC & its Committee to use my photograph for publicity and fundraising for future A.I.C.U. Powwows.

A.I.C.U. Powwow, LLC & its Committee, Butte High School Administration,  & their agents are NOT RESPONSIBLE for: Theft, Damage, Injury, Negligence, and hereby held harmless from any and all claims, injuries, personal property loss, and causes of action where known or unknown.
All copyrights reserved A.I.C.U. Powwow 2008