Drummer/Singer Contestant Rules & Regulations

 1.  Lead Drummer/singer must register their drum.

2.  At least 5 drummers/singers at a drum, no more than 8 drummer/singers.

3.  At least 5 drummer/singers MUST be present at drum roll call.

4.  All drummer/singers registered must be present at every song.

5.  You must be ready to sing.

6.  Four starts on a contest song and 4 starts on an Intertribal Song.

7.  Singing/drumming will be judged by the leads, drumming, and appropriate for the particular category.
8.  Any drum/singer group suspected of consuming alcohol or drugs during the Powwow will be asked to leave the premise for the entire weekend and will not receive day pay.

9.  You must be the first 4 drums registered prior to Grand Entry

10.  The drumming area must be clear of all trash.

11.  Drum roll call will be 20 minutes prior to Grand Entry.

12.  On Saturday – July 12th, 2008 you will be asked to sing one push-up for your drum roll call.

13.  Drum groups must set up at the location assigned to them by the drum coordinator and set up in the same location each session.

14.  No complaining or arguing with the Head Judge and Committee.  May result in disqualification.

15.  Any other decisions not included in these rules will be made by the Head Signing Judge.

16.  All drumming/singing groups must be seated 15 minutes before Grand Entry.

17.  All drummers/singers will drum/sing with their assigned groups only. 

18.  There will be no fewer than 5 drummer/singers per drum, and no more than 8 per drum.

19.  The decision of the Dancing & Signing Contest Judges shall be final in all events.

20.  Important: Drummers/singers under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in disqualification of the drumming/singing group for the entire powwow.  A.I.C.U. Powwow has a “Zero Tolerance” drug and alcohol policy and any drummer/singer who violates this policy will be escorted off the grounds and will forfeit any prizes they may have won.

21.  Intertribal Singing: All drumming/singing groups shall be required to limit their songs; 4-2 or straight 6.  Should a participant use a whistle for a particular singing group, they will be permitted to continue signing.

22.  Whistles: Participants shall be limited to three whistles per singing group or drum.  Note: it is a tradition that individuals who use the whistles are required to donate to the drumming/singing group that is singing and to the powwow committee.

25.  During contest songs, drumming/singing groups shall be required to limit their songs to 4-2 or straight 6, except for trick songs, which can be used except during the final dancing competition.

26.  Should singing groups not comply with all rules and regulations, they will lose 20 points.

A.I.C.U. Powwow, LLC & its Committee, Butte High School Administration,  & their agents are NOT RESPONSIBLE for: Theft, Damage, Injury, Negligence, and hereby held harmless from any and all claims, injuries, personal property loss, and causes of action where known or unknown.
All copyrights reserved A.I.C.U. Powwow 2008