The 1st annual A.I.C.U. Powwow (click on poster for larger view) is the only event this weekend hosted by our native american people, the only alcohol free event that is taking place during the weekend of the National Folk Festival, July 11-13, 2008, in Butte, MT..  The first ever outdoor powwow to be held in Butte, the first summer powwow and The First teepee encampment since the "Last Encampment".  This powwow is a traditional plains style powwow, drug and alcohol free family event.  Our powwow will be presented for the next 2 years, 2009 & 2010, on the weekend of the National Folk Festival;  to ensure our presence during this amazing event in our community.  We look forward to continuation of our powwow beyond the three years of the festival. The only other time the National Folk Festival has taken place on the western side of the United States was way back in 1966, oh my goodness 42 years ago, what has happened since then.  It is now in Butte, MT.

Our event has been eagerly welcomed to take place in one of Butte's finest and newest location.  Any of the athletes playing in the recent Montana State Basketball Championships will be familiar with what a beautiful location we have been able to secure for our event.  Mr. Don Peoples with the Central Maroon's Activity Center once a gain proves his “the Can-do City” theory by graciously welcoming our people and our event into their beautiful center, we would like to provide this link to send thanks, get well and prayers to Mr. Don Peoples Family during Mairissa's stay in Seattle.  Mr. Peoples is happy to help host our event and the families who compete in the state basketball tournaments over the past years.  Yes, Butte does indeed have a Native American community/population.  We represent the second largest population in Butte, approximately 1500 last U.S. census.  We look forward to you joining us in welcoming our visitors from near and far at this annual celebration.  We are arranging for camping both RV & camping accommodations.  Please use the form below to inquire on R.V. & camping availability.

Further Info:  Michele at 406-782-2713, Jack at 208-521-4859 or

Robert at 406-565-9221, , 

A.I.C.U. Powwow, LLC and it's Committee, Maroon Activity Center,  & their agents are NOT RESPONSIBLE for: Theft, Damage, Injury, Negligence, and hereby held harmless from any and all claims, injuries, personal property loss, and causes of action where known or unknown.

Map with Directions To Our Event Below:

MAC - Maroon Activity Center

Powwow & Teepee Encampment

Butte Central High School Activity

550 E Mercury St, Butte, MT 59701

(406) 782-5959 

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Butte Vigilante Saddle Club

RV & tent camping available please call 406-782-2713

6354 Albany Avenue

Butte, MT


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A.I.C.U. POWWOW * 550 E. Mercury * Butte, MT

A.I.C.U. Powwow, LLC and its Committee, Maroon Activity Center,  & their agents are NOT RESPONSIBLE for: theft, Damage, Injury, Negligence, and hereby held harmless form any and all claims, injuries, personal property loss, and causes of action where known or unknown.

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